The Planum low pitch roof tile creates a stunning roof, with its simplicity and elegant design providing superior aesthetics to any roofscape.

The Planum roof tiles can be used on pitches as low as 10 degrees thanks to the innovative design and the highly engineered manufacturing process at the factory. As one of the leading low pitch roof tiles on the market the Planum tile available in a range 7 different colours to suit all projects and tastes.

Planum Jaspee Red Low Pitch Roof Tile

  • 11.5-12.3 Tiles per M2 (depending on headlap)

    Length 444mm; Width 280mm;

    Weight 3.5kg

    240 tiles per pallet

    100 year warranty

    Technical brochure can be viewed here

    It is advisable to allow a 5% wastage when ordering

  • Roof pitches of 20 degrees or less MUST be clipped with tile clips.

    180gsm Air Permeable Underlay must be fitted under tiles to allow adequate ventilation at low pitches.

    Permavent Apex is recommended