For many years, lead has been the flashing material of choice for roofers seeking proven protection and a smart, clean finish to their work. However, homeowners and contractors alike have been forced to explore viable lead alternatives in recent years thanks to escalating costs, growing cases of theft and increasing concerns around the toxicity of these products. 

We stock lead-free replacement roof flashing that can be used in place of actual lead in most contemporary roofing applications. Our lead flashing alternatives offer many of the benefits of lead materials, without the high price points and potential hazards. Learn more about these innovative products here and order great value lead flashing alternative directly from one of the UK’s leading roofing supplies merchants!  

These synthetic lead alternatives are more lightweight than their traditional counterparts, meaning they are typically easier to shape and safer to handle during installation. They are suitable for use with brickwork, blockwork and all manner of common roofing materials like slate, clay and concrete – and they can even be incorporated into roof tile ventilation systems to better protect these structures from the elements. Lead flashing alternatives are also available in a variety of colours to help you maintain your property’s aesthetics without resorting to more environmentally damaging lead products.