Ultima Energy PVC window is recommended for rooms located in a noisy neighbourhood or facing the street, as well as rooms where increased resistance to humidity and dirt is required such as bathrooms and kitchens, etc. The triple-pane construction of the Ultima Energy PVC is the perfect combination of 3 panes, with pane coating and filled with krypton gas to create improved energy efficiency for the whole window.  Ultima Energy PVC has excellent Uw parameter: 1.0 W/m2K. Krypton filled pane construction which conducts heat by 46% less than the most frequently used alternative Argon.

Dakea Roof Window Ultima Energy PVC Centre Pivot

SKU: KEP B1800
  • -Center Pivot

    -Traffic and Rain Noise Reduction

    -Steel reinforced insulated uPVC profile

    -6mm Toughened External Window Pane with easy clean coating

    -Laminated Internal Window Pane

    - Excellent Thermal Transmittance of 1.0W/m2k

    - Protection against UV colour fading

    -Ventilation Value and two position handle

    -15-90 Degree Roof Pitch

    -20 Year Guarantee