Dakea Better Safe is a popular, center-pivot roof window at its best. With an exceptional glazing, they ensure excellent energy conservation performance, safety, and comfort.  Dakea Better Safe stands out for its glazing. It is equipped with a new Thermostat feature, double low emission coating that reflects heat back into the room and which means thermal transmittance of 1,3 W/m2K

Dakea Roof Window Better Safe White Centre Pivot

SKU: KAV B1010
  • -Center Pivot

    -Solid Wood Frame

    -Toughened External Window Pane

    -Laminated Internal Window Pane

    - Excellent Thermal Transmittance of 1.3W/m2k

    -Ventilation Value and two position handle

    -15-90 Degree Roof Pitch

    -20 Year Guarantee