Bright aluminium, traditional, solar reflective coating suitable for application to bituminous roofing substrates. This is contractors grade.

Ideal for protection against sun and weathering of roofs, particularly where bituminous, exposed steel and corrugated iron surfaces are encountered.

Two coats should be applied, the first being allowed to dry before application of the second. To avoid bronzing it is important that Aluminium Paint (Contractors Grade) is not applied too thickly.

Cromar Aluminium Paint

  • Flash Point; 40 ? C

    Viscosity; 0.045 mPas

    Relative Density; 0.94

    Odour; Aromatic

    Weight; 5kg / 20kg

    Do not brush excessively as this can cause softening of the substrate.

    The presence of moisture on the surface of rain falling before the Aluminium Paint (Contractors Grade) has dried can also cause bronzing.

    Do not use in temperatures less than +5?C