The Derrie is a concrete tile with a double roll pattern often referred to a double roman or bold roll. With proven performance for over forty years, the double roll gives the tile an inherent strength and far exceeds any strength tests specified by the British and European standards for roof tiles. The raised interlock and wide anti capillary bar improves the products performance at lower pitches. The Derrie also performs well in areas of high winds. 

Northstone Derrie, Double Roman Roof Tile

  • Size of Tile: 419mmx334mm

    Tile Weight: 5.1kg


    9.7 tiles at 75mm Headlap

    10.4 Tiles at 100mm Headlap

    Minimum Pitch with 100mm Headlap 17.5 Degrees

    Minimum Pitch with 75mm Headlap 22.5 Degrees

    Maximum Batten Guage 344mm

    Weight of tiling per m2:

    50kg/m2 at 75mm Headlap

    54kg/m2 at 100mm Headap

    Profile Depth 32mm

    Technical Data Sheet