The Manthorpe Flash Vent is a simple one piece roll-out, easy fit sheet that provides ventilation for abutment roof details, providing a weather-tight solution to the need for a continuous 5mm of airflow. As it is made from just one component it is economical and easy to install. The roll-out system makes fitting a breeze as it is supplied in a handy box dispenser with no need for specialist fixing tools.

Works down to a 15° pitch (extra roll required for pitches below 20°)

Manthorpe Flash Vent, Top abutment Ventilation strip

SKU: G1105
  • Length: 3m

    Width 235mm

    Free Vent Area: 5,000mm²/M

    Minimum Roof Pitch: 15° (extra roll required for pitches below 20°)

    Box Weight: 2.4kg

    Material: EVA