The Causeway concrete roof tile is Northstone’s second generation thin leading-edge roof tile. The Causeway offers the beauty of a slate effect roof while keeping costs to a minimum. The Causeway is a 17mm softened leading edge to improve its slate aesthetics. The effective cover width has been increased which reduces the number of tiles on a roof by up to 5%. This not only gives economic advantages but presents environmental benefits too. 

Northstone Causeway Roof Tile

  • Size of Tile


    Tile Weight 4.65kg


    9.45 tiles at 75mm Headlap

    10.2 Tiles at 100mm Headlap

    Minimum Pitch with 100mm Headlap 17.5 Degrees

    Minimum Pitch with 75mm Headlap 22.5 Degrees

    Maximum Batten Guage 345mm

    Weight of tiling per m2:

    44kg/m2 at 75mm Headlap

    47.5kg/m2 at 100mm Headap

    Profile Depth 17mm

    Technical Data Sheet