IKOpro Quick Dry Bitumen Primer is a deep penetrating bituminous solution for stabilising dusty and porous surfaces prior to the application of IKO roofing systems. It dries in approximately 30 minutes with no residual tack.

When used in conjunction with IKOpro Roofing Felt Adhesive, the bond between the roof and the waterproofing material being applied is significantly improved and helps ensure a long-term, watertight finish.

IKO EasySeal Bitumen Primer 5ltr

SKU: MW646415
  • Tin Weight 5KG

    Metal, 10-15 m�/litre

    Concrete, 3-4 m�/litre

    Bituminous roofing, approximately 5 m�/litre

    Fibre cement, 10-12 m�/litre