The small format mini castellated tile ventilator is designed to provide a quick and simple solution to the problems of roofspace ventilation and mechanical extraction / soil stack termination through a roof covered with a 15"x9" format tile. The in-line profile helps to maintain an unbroken appearance to the roofline at high or low level. When using the vent for mechanical extraction or soil stack / vent pipe termination; the 4" diameter outlet on the base will connect directly onto one of the GRPA Flexible Pipe range. In-line and discreet low profile design Suitable for 15" x 9" low profile interlocking tiles 4mm louvred flyscreen grille Integral sidelock clip to ensure secure fit Profiles suit all top tile manufacturers Suitable for use down to a 17.5 degree roof pitch Fully independently wind tunnel tested

Manthorpe Mini Castellated Tile Vent Inline

  • Size: 390 x 230mm

    Airflow Free Vent Area: 5,000mm²

    Minimum Roof Pitch: 17.5 degree

    Material: uPVC (upper), Polypropylene (base)

    Technical information available here