The range of slate roof vents are simple to install with minimum cutting of slates. Being manufactured from polypropylene, the slate vent range has the following benefits; Thermally stable, UV resistance, acid rain resistance, the through colour material remains stable at temperatures between -40C to +120C

The universal slate vent is for use with natural and man-made slates.

Slate vent will fit either

600 x 300mm

500 x 250mm*

*Trimming required

Minimum rafter pitch for all vents: 22 or 25degrees depending on head lap.

Hambleside Danelaw Hooded Slate Vent SVR10

  • Airflow 10,000mm2 per vent

    Minimum pitch 22 or 25 degrees depending on head lap

    Made from Polypropylene

    Available in Black only