Glidevale Inline tile ventilators have been designed to provide an aesthetic and unobtrusive solution to roof space ventilation. They can be used at low or high level where the roof construction does not allow eaves or ridge ventilators to be used, or where complex roof shapes do not allow effective cross ventilation.  Colour matched as standard to blend in with adjacent tiles. Simply installed as part of the normal slating/tiling process. Easily converted for use as SVP or mechanical extract terminals compatible with tiles from these Manufacturers: Marley

Glidevale Inline Bold Roll Tile Vent

  • Airflow Free ventilation area 10000mm2

    Spacing centres to achieve ventilation area of:

    5000mm2/m: 2.0m

    10,000mm2/m: 1.0m

    Minimum pitch: 22.5 deg

    All Glidevale In-line ventilators are manufactured from upvc, polypropylene or ABS for a consistently high quality finish and long lasting construction.

    Adaptor required for connection to flexipipe for mechanical extraction