Pembury clay roof tiles are a brilliant choice if you want to enhance the character of your property without spending a fortune on roofing supplies. These popular handmade plain clay tiles, available in red and antique shades with natural variability, will suit both new builds and renovation projects with a minimum roof pitch of 35 degrees. 

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Pembury tiles and fittings are compliant with EN 1304:2013 and have passed other accepted European standards for flexural strength, water impermeability and freeze thaw durability. In layman’s terms, these tiles are the real deal when it comes to standing up to the worst of British weather! 

These smart products aren’t just technically sound – they look the part, too. Pembury’s handmade plain clay roof tiles, along with their accompanying ridge tiles and fittings, are available in four stand-out colours that can be mixed together to create a unique finish to your high end new build or to match your existing renovation project.